SOL#19 Oh God No!

So today I was quite proud and extremely worried in the same split second!

My husband did, or I should say said, something he’s watched/heard me do a million times.

My poor children have to live with a teacher mom!

When my children use a word that they clearly don’t know the meaning of or use a word incorrectly, I make them look it up.

The girls and a friend of my oldest are sitting in the kitchen today. Here’s what we heard from the living room:

Rachel: Did you just touch my foot?

Friend: Ewwww no! I have a foot fetish!

Isabella: If you don’t like feet, that’s a phobia, not a fetish.

Rachel then walks into the living room and my husband drops this gem: Go Google fetish.

As a teacher I was so proud that he noticed the opportunity for them to learn that they were using a word incorrectly. A few seconds later, as a professional googler, my brain exploded! We all know how this plays out.

As I’m literally screaming: No! Wait! Don’t! Imagining all the horrible things that will appear on the screen when they google “What is a fetish?” The look of horror that appeared on my husbands face when the realization of what he has just done sinks in was absolutely priceless.

I realize it’s too late when I hear Rachel reply “Ewww gross why did you tell me to Google that?”

The girls then go outside to play with their newly made slime.

I slink into the kitchen to view the phone left behind. And it was the best worst case situation. Because she had typed “what is a fedish?” into the search box, she mearly got a definition. An accurate, yet inappropriate for a 10 & 12 year old definition, but a definition none the less.

Then we got the have the “now you understand that this is not an appropriate thing for you to talk about” conversation, with 3 quick agreements, they were already into the next topic on appropriate conversation.

I think today was the day my husband agreed to let me do the teaching from now on!






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