SOL#22 Dedication

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch. This happened approximately .3 seconds after I told my children I was coming to tuck them in in 2 minutes! My husband woke me around 10:15 to go up to bed. The hockey game must have been over, I assumed. I stood up and said, “did I ever go tuck the girls in?” To which my husband replied, “yeah I think you got up.” Halfway up the stairs I realized he was wrong or has an overactive, truly believable imagination. Girls were still up, lights blazing, tv blaring, laptops buzzing, wide eyed staring.  My husband, one step behind me, says “or maybe you didn’t.”

Ya think?!?!

i tuck the girls in and head straight to my bed. I really have no recollection of putting on my pjs or actually getting into bed. And as such, had unintentionally left a slice unwritten. My husband was extremely worried this morning when I told him about this. “What happens now? Are you in trouble?” 😂 Isn’t he precious?

My first thought was “Man! I was doing so good.” I even told someone yesterday afternoon how proud of myself I was for posting every day.  That’s how Murphy’s Law works you see!  My second thought was “should I continue since I missed a day and screwed it up or just throw in the towel and try again next year?”

Which brings us to my title…I’ve made it too far to throw in the towel! I’m still proud of myself and now I have a goal for next year.  Cheers to 9 more days of Slicing! 🍷



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