SOL#23 Hope I’m Mssing Something

Today my daughter came home from school telling me that the project they’ve been working on all week (a self-written, illustrated book about Frederick Douglass) was done wrong. “The sub” they had one day told her to go ahead and get started, which she did. Somehow despite working on this in class for multiple days, the teacher missed the “incorrect spacing” she told my daughter needed to be corrected or she would lose poinnts.

Several things have come out of this experience:

  • As a teacher, I’m really annoyed that the teacher managed to miss the error for multiple days and decided to tell my daughter to redo a 16 page book.
  • As a mom, my heart broke for my 12yo who was literally in tears because she wanted to get a good grade (and that meant spending hours, 6 to be exact, redoing her book).
  • As a teacher, I am extremely thankful for the AMAZING subs we have at CP!
  • As a parent, I told my child to never work ahead and ask the sub for directions (they’re not the one giving you a grade for it).
  • As a parent, I helped my daughter. I traced her writing, helped color pictures, colored the background of pages, helped check spelling, and tried to lighten the mood.
  • As a teacher, I’m really annoyed with myself that as a parent, I helped my kid complete this project (I hate when parents do this!).

DISCLAIMER: All work was already “done” by my daughter. We were simply responsible for spacing out the text more, creating pictures, and tracing the writing in pen to make it more readable. So I technically didn’t “help” her with her project in the way that I despise.

My husband (who thankfully wasn’t home to witness all of this but eventually found out about it) reminded me there’s two sides to every story.  I’m not one to email teachers very often, but I’m interested to hear her side of story on this one.



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