SOL#23 Hope I’m Mssing Something

Today my daughter came home from school telling me that the project they’ve been working on all week (a self-written, illustrated book about Frederick Douglass) was done wrong. “The sub” they had one day told her to go ahead and get started, which she did. Somehow despite working on this in class for multiple days, the teacher missed the “incorrect spacing” she told my daughter needed to be corrected or she would lose poinnts.

Several things have come out of this experience:

  • As a teacher, I’m really annoyed that the teacher managed to miss the error for multiple days and decided to tell my daughter to redo a 16 page book.
  • As a mom, my heart broke for my 12yo who was literally in tears because she wanted to get a good grade (and that meant spending hours, 6 to be exact, redoing her book).
  • As a teacher, I am extremely thankful for the AMAZING subs we have at CP!
  • As a parent, I told my child to never work ahead and ask the sub for directions (they’re not the one giving you a grade for it).
  • As a parent, I helped my daughter. I traced her writing, helped color pictures, colored the background of pages, helped check spelling, and tried to lighten the mood.
  • As a teacher, I’m really annoyed with myself that as a parent, I helped my kid complete this project (I hate when parents do this!).

DISCLAIMER: All work was already “done” by my daughter. We were simply responsible for spacing out the text more, creating pictures, and tracing the writing in pen to make it more readable. So I technically didn’t “help” her with her project in the way that I despise.

My husband (who thankfully wasn’t home to witness all of this but eventually found out about it) reminded me there’s two sides to every story.  I’m not one to email teachers very often, but I’m interested to hear her side of story on this one.



SOL#22 Dedication

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch. This happened approximately .3 seconds after I told my children I was coming to tuck them in in 2 minutes! My husband woke me around 10:15 to go up to bed. The hockey game must have been over, I assumed. I stood up and said, “did I ever go tuck the girls in?” To which my husband replied, “yeah I think you got up.” Halfway up the stairs I realized he was wrong or has an overactive, truly believable imagination. Girls were still up, lights blazing, tv blaring, laptops buzzing, wide eyed staring.  My husband, one step behind me, says “or maybe you didn’t.”

Ya think?!?!

i tuck the girls in and head straight to my bed. I really have no recollection of putting on my pjs or actually getting into bed. And as such, had unintentionally left a slice unwritten. My husband was extremely worried this morning when I told him about this. “What happens now? Are you in trouble?” 😂 Isn’t he precious?

My first thought was “Man! I was doing so good.” I even told someone yesterday afternoon how proud of myself I was for posting every day.  That’s how Murphy’s Law works you see!  My second thought was “should I continue since I missed a day and screwed it up or just throw in the towel and try again next year?”

Which brings us to my title…I’ve made it too far to throw in the towel! I’m still proud of myself and now I have a goal for next year.  Cheers to 9 more days of Slicing! 🍷


SOL#20 Spring Break

I feel like it snuck up on me and can’t come soon enough all at the same time!

We have plans to head to Wisconsin to finalize some details for our lake home we’re (fingers crossed) set to build this spring.

We’ve honestly been working toward this for a year now. Floor plans, cabinets, floor plan changes, tile, floor plan changes, hardwood flooring, the stain color of the exterior logs, the stain color of the interior logs, floor plan changes, I think the door should swing the other way, how do I get something off my credit that doesn’t belong to me, how long does that take, floor plan changes, roof color.

Hoping and praying all goes well on our mini vacation! 🙏🏻 Because honestly I’ve maxed out, I just can’t talk about it anymore or make any more decisions!

SOL#19 Oh God No!

So today I was quite proud and extremely worried in the same split second!

My husband did, or I should say said, something he’s watched/heard me do a million times.

My poor children have to live with a teacher mom!

When my children use a word that they clearly don’t know the meaning of or use a word incorrectly, I make them look it up.

The girls and a friend of my oldest are sitting in the kitchen today. Here’s what we heard from the living room:

Rachel: Did you just touch my foot?

Friend: Ewwww no! I have a foot fetish!

Isabella: If you don’t like feet, that’s a phobia, not a fetish.

Rachel then walks into the living room and my husband drops this gem: Go Google fetish.

As a teacher I was so proud that he noticed the opportunity for them to learn that they were using a word incorrectly. A few seconds later, as a professional googler, my brain exploded! We all know how this plays out.

As I’m literally screaming: No! Wait! Don’t! Imagining all the horrible things that will appear on the screen when they google “What is a fetish?” The look of horror that appeared on my husbands face when the realization of what he has just done sinks in was absolutely priceless.

I realize it’s too late when I hear Rachel reply “Ewww gross why did you tell me to Google that?”

The girls then go outside to play with their newly made slime.

I slink into the kitchen to view the phone left behind. And it was the best worst case situation. Because she had typed “what is a fedish?” into the search box, she mearly got a definition. An accurate, yet inappropriate for a 10 & 12 year old definition, but a definition none the less.

Then we got the have the “now you understand that this is not an appropriate thing for you to talk about” conversation, with 3 quick agreements, they were already into the next topic on appropriate conversation.

I think today was the day my husband agreed to let me do the teaching from now on!





SOL#16 Can You Keep a Secret?

My girls and I have a secret.

I sometimes let them eat ice cream and Oreos or cake for breakfast.

My girls and I have a secret.

We spend way too much money on back to school clothes.

My girls and I have a secret.

We have random karaoke parties in the car.

My girls and I have a secret.

I let them play hooky from school sometimes.

My girls and I have a secret.

I let them sleep in my bed with me and cuddle when my husband’s at the firehouse.

My girls and I have lots of secrets that make our love for each other even stronger!