SOL # 15 Relaxation

Today, I went for a massage.
The first massage I’ve had in like two years (maybe even longer).

The dim lights.

The soothing music.

The plush blanket.

The slow, methodical kneading.

The relaxed breathing.

The cool, luxurious lotion.

The quiet voice.

The release of tension.

The feeling of stress leaving my body.

The ability to finally enjoy “me” time.

The realization that my husband made it possible by booking a couples massage.

The silence in my head.

The refreshing glass of cold water the massage therapist gave me at the end.

The silly conversation with my husband.

The only thing that could have made it better?

An extra 30 minutes.


SOL#14 The Unexpected

There are so many things to say today…
Wow! That’s a lot of snow!
Wow! No school?!?!
Wow! That’s not the reason I expected…
Wow! I hope all my kids are safe!
Wow! I guess I’ll let me own kids stay home because I don’t want to deal with the snow.
Wow! That will be a nice check as my husband choose to work overtime today!
Wow! I should probably do something productive today!
Wow! I think it’s nap time!
Wow! It was cold outside while watching the girls play in the snow!
Wow! The sun is really bright when there’s snow on everything!
Wow! Why is winter happening in spring?
Wow! How long is it going to take to release details of what happened so I know what I’m walking into tomorrow morning?

All I can say today is WOW! And it’s not necessarily a good thing…😔

SOL #13 Obsession

As many of you know LuLaRoe clothing is the latest craze!
Now I’m not one to jump on bandwagons.
But it all started with a pair of black leggings.
For anyone who has joined this cult of sorts…I’m sure that’s how your journey started too.
What’s the big deal?
They’re just leggings…
I don’t know that leggings are worth spending $25 of my hard earned teacher paycheck on.
I’m not sure I can get down with all those crazy prints…

Fine! I’ll just order a black pair to try them out and see what the big deal is!

If you’ve said or thought any of the above, know that you are not alone.

What started out as purchasing a few items here and there has become a problem. I know it has become a problem because my husband said to me the other day “I can’t keep track of all your different LuLa items anymore, we need to get you a LuLa laundry basket so I don’t wash them wrong since I can’t keep them straight anymore.”
He said this in all seriousness, which struck me as hysterical coming from a 6 foot tall, bald headed, manly man. Those that know my husband know how wonderful he is and this comment was made because he genuinely cares.
Tonight my best friend did a sneak preview of a few items for practice before her launch party this weekend. This is not going to be good for any of us…

SOL#12 A Line

So after a nice productive day and a few adult beverages with my husband we decided to go to El Gallo to get burritos for dinner. We figured this would be fine and a quick trip because it was already 8pm.

Boy were we wrong!

The place was packed with drunk people, most dressed in head to toe green, clearly wrapping up their Southside Irish Parade shenanigans. Having my 12 yo with us made us both a little weary of this situation. My husband told Rachel “Come closer” several times as my curious daughter would walk off a little too far in her own little world amid the intoxicated patrons.

Many a times I have been the over served youngster hitting El Gallo on our way home at 2am, but this was different because my daughter was there. The language of those at tables and yelling across the restaurant seemed more threatening with a child in our presence.

It’s amazing how simple things seem so different with your child present!


We arrived at the Lake Home and Cabin Show. I didn’t want to be there. We have recently learned of some delays and problems beyond our control in the quest to build our lake home. I was frustrated. I was aggravated. I was angry. While walking through the booths, I was reading Facebook on my phone. My husband said, “What are you doing? Why are you even here then?” To which I replied with a now snippy “because you wanted me to come with you.” We came around a corner, and while still looking down at my phone received a nudge from my husband. I looked up and he said “Look who it is…” and pointed at a woman. Mind you, I looked at this woman and had no idea who she was. Panic set in…who is she…why don’t I recognize her…should I remember her? Then I noticed her name tag (thank God!). I realized she was the loan officer that helped us secure our lake property in Wisconsin.  We spent a few minutes introducing ourselves and getting her caught up to where we were in the building process. She kindly sat and talked through so many things that have put our racing minds at ease. She mentioned it being nice to finally put faces with emails and voices.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have met her today, at a place I didn’t want to go. For she will never know the impact meeting her in real life had on me today.

SOL #10 Friday!

Where have you been all week my love?

I’ve missed you!

I’m so glad you’re back!

I wait patiently for you all week…

and then…you’re finally here!

I actually spent my night grading papers and writing lesson plans so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend work-free.

As you start to slip away, I already dread that you’re leaving me so soon!

Til next week…💋


SOL #9 Today

Today started much like any other weekday.
Today ran much like every other day this week with PARCC testing.
Today was not an ordinary day.
Today I learned of the passing of a young boy.
Today that family is mourning with the support of many.
Today I will hug my kids a little tighter.
Today I will snuggle my kids a little longer.
Today is a day I am reminded that tomorrow is never promised.